Not much ties together the incoherent ideology of Donald Trump, but one signal is all too clear through the noise: If Barack Obama did it, Trump is obsessively determined to expunge it―never mind whether the policy is good or bad, and never mind how the policy comports with Trump’s other goals.

Expunging Obama and his achievements is among the most overtly racist aspects of Trump’s none-too-subtle racism.

This describes Trump’s crusade to destroy the Affordable Care Act, which in Republican demonology even carries his loathed predecessor’s name—Obamacare. It describes his insane decision to swamp one of the few islands of stability in the Middle East, the Iran nuclear deal, a superb and risky act of presidential statesmanship that paid off handsomely to the benefit of the United States. But it was Obama’s handiwork, and it must go, notwithstanding the dismay of Trump’s own top military advisers and America’s allies.

Full read at HP.

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