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Beautiful and Concise Summaries

Simple, intuitive and elegant. Polinoir redefines news for the mobile world with beautifully generated summaries from hundreds of sources. Innovative gestures and great summaries make reading the news fun: easy to use, easy to scan, easy to read, clear and concise.

Why We’re Here

We set out to solve one fundamental problem, how do we deliver the world’s most important information about the African American community to those who need it automatically, in real-time with little disruption.

What We Are

Polinoir is a digitally native news outlet designed for people seeking information on the news and issues affecting our community. Our goal is to bring you thought provoking content with a worldview and put it right in the palm of your hands.

The Problem

New and information can change the world, but not if it isn’t being read. Out of the millions of articles and tweets how can we boil it down to the ones that matter the most? How can we create something that enables you to learn more, faster while getting information that’s meaningful and valuable while making our readers smarter in the process? Our big audacious goal is to evaluate in real-time what makes a quality story and deliver the stories that matter to those who need it.

The Solution

Utilizing AI technology, we evaluate more than 10 million articles and social signals daily to deliver only the most interesting and important stories in a beautifully designed package that fits right in your pocket. Each article is boiled down to the most essential information. If you want to know more about a particular story, you can Go deeper within each article. Your time is valuable and we get that. We want to give you more than what dominates the current news cycle.

Global Reach

Polinoir reaches one of the largest and most diverse audiences of news consumers across the globe representing over 150 countries and 30 languages.

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